Wednesday, 11 July 2012

RIP laptop

So my laptop really appears to have kicked it this time. It's been playing Lazarus for awhile but now it can't download my Norton Antivirus definitions and live updates without totally freezing. It's reboot, work for two minutes, freeze. Wait three minutes, reboot, work for two minutes, freeze. Arghhhh. I hope it's just the motherboard and not the hard drive. Anyway. I'm shopping for a desktop and I hope to purchase one next weekend. Although next weekend is going to be very busy because Phil's parents are celebrating their 50th and there's a big weekend-long celebration planned with all the cousins and 'lations coming up from the U S of A. Phil's family is mostly RC so you can imagine how many cousins and 'lations there are.

I scored a kickass retro 50's style sundress at Winners (College Park - apparently the best Winners location) yesterday to wear to the renewal-of-vows and reception on Saturday, that I would totally post pictures of except I'm in some Internet cafe on Spadina right now. So it will have to wait. I also took pictures of Harry and Marmalade checking out my new cat shoes from TUK that Phil ordered for me after I fell in love with them in Montreal.

Anyway. I'm going to check my e-mail with my last 15 minutes on the computer. Posting will be light for the next couple of weeks, unfortunately. Grrrr.