Thursday, 16 February 2012

Lindsy Clark - Resume

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Lindsy Clark

10563 Jacque Circle

Hawaii Honolulu

Summary of Qualifications

Graduated With Special Honors from Northwest University

10 years of article writing experience (directly for Electronic audiences)

Exquisite competency in Spanish and Latin

Committed, group-oriented member of staff with a taste for specifics

Business Experience

FoxyStilezArticles, New York City USA

1999 - Present

Crew Supervisor

Accountable for planning a worldwide crew of internet writers to meet a challenging set of development goals and objectives.

- Set unprecedented records for output, raising output by 12% throughout the world

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Proficient in Spanish and Latin

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I had Harry's blood and urine tested this week. Yesterday I got the results. He has some liver and kidney damage that is atypical in a 23 month old cat. Specificially his creatinine and ALT levels are way too high.

Harry was not a huge fan of the Iams and Nutro cat pouches, but I always offered him half a pouch, same as Marmie, and he would take two bites and fart off somewhere.  Often he drank the gravy - both cats loved the gravy.  And we all know what was in the gravy. So I think it's pretty obvious why he has some organ damage.  Harry's other food was Iams dry, which I will also never use again but which I will be hanging onto nonetheless.  Just in case.

We can manage his condition with a special diet and some vitamins for his liver.  He is not in pain and otherwise seems quite healthy.  He's clearly lonely for Marmalade - still looks for him and calls for him -  but as stress can increase these levels, I will hold off on introducing a new friend into the household until we have it under control.

And, oh, it isn't free.  Oh no.  So far, this little adventure has cost me one cat and over $1600 in vet bills.  With Harry's special food and vitamins, and new tests scheduled for April, the meter is still running.

When I adopted kittens, I knew there would be expenses.  I knew that it would cost money to neuter them, to get them vaccinated and dewormed, and I knew that somewhere down the road, they might get sick - for example, diabetes and kidney problems are not uncommon in older cats. And I was prepared to meet those expenses when and if they arose.

But this?  I didn't sign on for this.  Somebody owes me and thousands of other pet owners big time.

Wednesday, 15 February 2012

Jimmy Brown - CV

Hello there! I am one of many staff managers of FoxyStilezArticles, a globally distributed web writing collective. We all write content in English and Spanish for global web readers, and are at your disposal for content building for your site. Below you will find my CV, and you might be able to read other staff managers and team members' CV's on this web-site. At the bottom of my CV, you'll notice some illustrations of our published works. For job inquiries, you should mail us using the contactform on this website and one of us will reply as soon as feasible.


Jimmy Brown

12481 High View Drive

Oregon Salem

Summary of Qualifications

Graduated With Honors from York University

10 years of writing experience (specifically for Online readers)

Exquisite fluency in English

Committed, team-oriented staff member with a knack for specifics

Job Experience

FoxyStilezArticles, Dallas USA

1998 - Present

Staff Senior Officer

Answerable for planning a worldwide crew of freelance writers to suit a complex set of growth aims.

- Set unprecedented records for efficiency, growing production by 19% throughout the world

- Correctly maintained steady logs of job distribution

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The voluntary recall affects the US only.

Looks like Purina has also joined the voluntary recall party - around midnight, no less.  They too used gluten from the same mystery wheat gluten supplier. The affected product is Alpo Prime Cuts in Gravy (a dog food) - but read the release for the details.

My question is: Who else is using  this gluten, and why isn't this public knowledge?